•  Be Heart Healthy!

Cardovascular disease is one of the biggest health problems in Australia, affecting one in five Australians. For more information on how to have a healthy heart click here.


  •  Coping with Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease in an autoimmune disease which leads to a permanent intolerance to gluten. If not diagnosed and  treated properly, severe damage to the instestine results as well as other serious health problems. To find out more about coeilac disease, visit The Coeliac Society of WA's website: 


  •  The Ultimate Sport's Nutrition Manual

Glenn Cardwell's Gold Medal Nutrition - 4th Edition manual is provides a comprehensive and practical approach to sports nutrition  for recreational and elite athletes, coaches, trainers and health professionals. This manual is widely used in the University setting and is the recommended reading list of the Australian Institute of Sport. It's a must for anyone serious about their performance.

Gold Medal Nutrition - 4th Edition can be purchased online via click here