• Benfiber Fibre Supplement

Are you struggling to reach you fibre recommendation of 30g per day? Benefiber is a natural fibre supplement that you can mix with almost anything. It's taste-free, grit-free and never thickens. It dissolves completely in beverages and soft food PLUS it won't alter the taste or texture of foods and beverages. So top up your daily fibre intake by adding Benefiber to your coffee, juice, yoghurt, or in anything that you cook or bake. Benefibre is now selling at NOURISH!








  • Survival of the Fittest cookbooks                                                                                                 

The definitive cookbook for athletes at all levels, designed to keep pace with their busy lifestyles and varied nutritional needs. Using quick, easy and delicious recipes, the book has been compiled by the team at the Department of Sports Nutrition, Australian Institute of Sport. A series of 3 cookbooks are available. Visit our Perth office now to buy a copy for only $27.50!